Remember surfing the web? I do, so let's have some fun! Here are a list of websites that I enjoy browsing, or at least find useful or interesting some way. This is nonexhaustive and will be added to over time!

Disclaimer: a link here does not mean it's a 100% endorsement.


Library Genesis For scholary articles.

Project Gutenberg A volunteer effort to digitize books and other texts.

Open Library

Sci-Hub Similar to Library Genesis, but strictly for scientific articles.

Overdrive Check out ebooks, audiobooks, and more through your local library!

The Internet Archive

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Open Culture A database of free cultural based media.

Theoi Greek Mythology One of my favorite online databases for Greek Mythology.

Folklinks: Folk andd Fairytales A collection of folktales and fairytales that compares and contrasts variations of the story. The OG!!

Encylopedia Mythica

An Eclectic Library Unique reading sources!


A Modern-Day Romantic: The Romantic Sublime in Hayao Miyazaki's Creative Philosophy How Romanticism and the Sublime presents itself in Miyzakai's filmography.

Women Healers of the Middle Ages: Selected Aspects of Their Histories An article that examines women's role in medieval healthcare.

Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation Studies done on the theory that intention can shape the structure of water. Interesting food for thought!

Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation: A Triple-Blind Replication Another study done on the same theory as above.

The BITE Model of Authoritian Control The characteristics that define cults and other high control groups.

How to Stop Ruminiating While I have critiques about Greenberg's ideas, overall he has very fascinating techniques on the treatment of obsessions and compulsions.

Counting Blessings Versus Burdens: An Experimental Investigation of Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life

Handling Complexitiy

A Blueprint For Life

A Process For Changing Habits

Understanding the Burnout Experience: recent research and its implications for psychiatry


Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute

Draw a Box A source to get you started on drawing!

Piskel App Online pixel art creator. You can also download it for desktop use!

Classes & Education

Let's Learn Together! Lessons on an extensive range of subjects.

Blogs and articles from the British Psychological Association

The Science of Well-Being A course from Yale University. Haven't done this myself!

Anki Flashcards Online flashcard program.

Magazines & Blogs

Enchanted Living Free backissues from the Enchanted Living magazine!

Critical Distance Academic discourse on video games.





Petpage on Neopets A petpage that links to other interesting and useful pages on Neopets!

Tarot Old school website for tarot. I don't post on the forums but you can glean some interesting insight from the posts!

Elliot Oracle's Card Meanings I haven't read any of his books but I enjoy his analysis on different card interpretations.

Video Games

Let's Mosey: A Slow Translation Of Final Fantasy VII (PS1) A fun video series that examines the differences of the translation between the OG PS1 translation of FFVII versus its original Japanese. #Clerith *(I promise I'm not engaging in LTD-rhetoeric it's a joke from the series)

Web Stuff

Curlie A human-edited directory of the best websites on any given subject!

Glitter Text Generator

Marginalia Search Engine An independent search engine to help you discover websites you may not have seen otherwise!

Peelo Paalu's Link Directory

SpaceHey A recreation of the old MySpace. Another search engine.


Writing World Down-to-earth catalog of lots of different writing resources.

Scrivener Fantastic writing software, definitely worth the price (and there are often sales and discounts!