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❀ Girl ❀ '95 ❀ NorCal ❀

Scratching up an about page for my about page is the hardest icebreaker in the world. And you don't even have time as an excuse. Or the pressure of a spotlight.

Well, for one thing, I am a writer––one that's often fresh out of words. (Sorry, we sold the last batch only ten minutes ago! Try again tomorrow, and we'll have homemade sentences hot and ready from the oven!)

OKAY SERIOUSLY, hi, hello! I'm Sarah, the wannabe witch from next door who loves to talk. Welcome again to Inkcaps, a virtual cottage dedicated to the things I cherish the most in this weird, rare, and wonderful life.Expect lots of overwrought sentimentality and flights of fancy.

Currently, I am an instructional assistant and freelance writer. Hopefully, within the next few years, I'll be embarking on a new journey.

I have a lot of loves: my friends and family, storytelling, the outdoors, all forms of art, and a bunch of other stuff. Too much for me to go on, but hey, that's what this site's for! To go on and on and on––

There's a beauty to us finding each other like this. Reaching our hands out through the billions of pixels that brought us here, let's connect.


MBTI Astrology Ennegram
E/INFP Leo ☼, Virgo ☾, Capricorn ↑ Type 4
Temperament Tarot Card Aura Color
Melancholic-Sanguine The High Priestess,
Queen of Wands

Relatable Characters

These are a few characters I see parts of myself in! Hover over for commentary.

  • Aerith Gainsborough ❀ Final Fantasy VII
  • Rose DeWitt Bukater ❀ Titanic
  • Jade Harley ❀ Homestuck
  • Anne Shirley ❀ Anne of Green Gables
  • Princess Zelda ❀ Breath of the Wild
life philosophy
  • We have two responsibilities: to live a good life, and enable others to do the same. How to do this is up to you.

  • As such, we are responsible for the choices we make, and then those choices go on to shape our lives. The key to making positive choices is by maintaining authenticity: staying true to our personality, values, and spirits.

  • Death is inevitable. Acknowledging and accepting this can, ironically enough, give us a new lease on life. Life can be torn away at any moment, so make the most of it. Make the most of what you find meaningful.

  • If we slow down and listen, we can understand what the world has to say.

  • We live in a universe that's much bigger than us, and yet we embody a microcosm of it––down to our bones, stitched with the same elements as stardust. As above, so below.

  • There's nothing new under the sun. Whatever we're experiencing, whatever is troubling us, whatever emotions, was, at some point in history, shared by someone else. Maybe not in the same exact way, or in the same circumstances, as we're all unique.

    But isn't it comforting to know that we come from a long line of other humans who know so? Who understand so? Who shared and processed pain, just like ours?


Favorite Colors

Sunflower Yellow ❀ Moss Green ❀ Flowering Lilac

Favorite Animals

Orcas ❀ Deer ❀ Owls ❀ Cats ❀ Elephants ❀ Rabbits

Favorite Seasons

Midsummer ❀ The Height of Spring ❀ Late Autumn

Favorite Fruits

Nectarines ❀ Peaches ❀ Strawberries ❀ Plums

Favorite Cocktails

Mojitos ❀ Cosmos

Favorite Flowers

Sunflowers ❀ Wisteria ❀ Lily of the Valley ❀ Peonies ❀ Hollyhock ❀ Morning Glories ❀ California Poppies

Favorite Witches

The Weird Sisters ❀ Circe ❀ Granny Weatherwax ❀ Kiki ❀ Uprooted's Agnieszka ❀ Too Many More to List!

Favorite Musical Artists

Kate Bush ❀ Weyes Blood ❀ Björk ❀ FKA Twigs ❀ (Ye Olde) Arcade Fire ❀ Hozier

Favorite Fairy Tales

Beauty and the Beast ❀ Bluebeard ❀ The Little Mermaid

Favorite Animal Crossing Personalities

Lazy ❀ Sisterly ❀ Normal

Favorite Enya Song to Astral Project to