Favorite Characters

An incomplete wall of fame dedicated to the characters occupying a place in my mind palace! In the words of my dear friend Laura, I like "spunky girls who take no shit" and "pathetic guys." That about sums it up, but of course there are others who don't fall under either categories. What can I say, I have Range!

My plan is to add descriptions for each portrait, but please enjoy the current gallery offerings!

☆ Loves of My Life ☆

Not to play favorites with my favorites, here we are! These are the characters I return to and think about frequently--yes, even Jesse Pinkman. Some I have adored since I was a child (like Anne) while others are recent additions, like Lucy. I love them all the same!

☆ Hover for their names and origins! ☆

☆ Other Beloveds ☆

More characters I love but aren't as utterly crazed about as my faves. That's okay though, my heart is still full of love!!