the rainbow fountain

Welcome to the Rainbow Fountain, a weblisting for enthusiasts of the virtual pet game Neopets! Thanks to the current renaissance the game is going through, Neopets is more popular than it has been in years, attracting new and returning players alike. There's a decent sized overlap between webmasters on the indie web and Neopets players, so this listing aims to connect with one another. Old-timers or newbies alike, if you play and maintain a website, then you're welcomed here!


  • You must have a personal website to join. Links to social media platforms (Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) are not allowed. While it's not necessary to have a dedicated webpage to Neopets, feel free to share it so I can link back to it! :D

  • You must be an active Neopets player. The intent of this listing is to connect with fans who currently play in hopes of finding others to play with. It sparks joy! (This may change in the future and be open to general fans!)
  • Note: It's understandable if you do not log in to play every day. Often our interest in games can wax and wane, and that's okay! Ideally, however, this listing is for players who play at least semi-frequently. Don't worry though, I'm not gonna police the amount of your playtime and kick you off the list--I'm not picky!

  • You must not host illegal, hateful, or NSFL (not safe for life) material on your website.

  • Your website is allowed to have NSFW content, but please specify so on your application.

  • If you want to update any information or be removed from the listing, please email me at or message me on my Neocities profile! Accepted file types for buttons are JPEG, PNG, and GIF.


To join, fill out the form below and email it to! I plan on adding an actual form here, but for now please bear with me lmao.

☆ Website:
☆ Website Description:
☆ Rating (SFW, NSFW, or Mature):
☆ Neopets Username/Link (Optional):
☆ Favorite Pet Species (Optional):
☆ Your button!


The Rainbow Fountain was last updated on May 22nd, 2024, and currently has 16 members!
button site description rating neopets UN favorite species
Inkcaps My home in fairyland (not that one!) SFW sappysavvysarah Xweetoks, Usuls, Draiks... too many!
Sanguine Royal Krish's little internet castle ♡ SFW honeyedgloss Kacheeks and Aishas

(Neopets Shrine)

Explore a digital forest! SFW awepossumz Zafaras! (my childhood username was zafara_lover125 lol)
Faintly Macabre My own little corner of the internet c: SFW cthuuuwu probably gnorbus tbh
Nenrikido A multi-purpose personal site with free-to-use code, an art gallery, a library, and anything else I like. SFW zoompaste Xweetok + Lutari
Pomelo packed full of vitamin C slight nsfw. some light artistic nudity on a few drawings mangoish aisha, kougra, cybunny, lupe

(Neopets Shrine)

The cyberhideout of Gilda (aka Gildedware/GildedPhD), which contains galleries of her artwork, animations, commission info, writing, info on her webcomics and more! SFW debugmaster Zafaras and Xweetoks!
Cybernetic Dryad Come for a warm drink at my cozy, digital cottage♡ SFW cyberneticdryad Peophin & Xweetok
Pixalina The home of my pixel art, web collections and personal website SFW _mg Quiggle!
Maple Bear my digital diary and cosy space online ♡ SFW maplebear94 aishas and blumaroos!
Hellmouth A medieval-themed personal website where I put my sewing projects and other random things. SFW but contains some mild artistic nudity sheggorath Aishas and Eyries
Gummiefrog my personal page for art, interests and musings! SFW _gummiefrog Aisha The home of devilishly good times Mature daygevils Blumaroo
Comfort my love letter to all my personal comforts ♡ potential nsfw crybabiez cybunnies
Hillhouse a pink haunted house filled with various treasures and ghosts mostly sfw clementinekesh kacheeks!
Cashmere Crypt my cozy, spooky digital garden for my art and hobbies SFW cashmere_crypt ixi / aisha <3


Please save the button to your server and use it to link back to the weblisting on your website! Some ideas on where you can place it include your home page, a links page, or a dedicated Neopets page. Any button donations are happily accepted!!



Ice Cream Machine ☆ Neopets