My Lolita

This is my lolita wishlist!––and yes, I'm prepared to be disappointed come Christmas morning lmao (JOKING).

Seriously though, please reach out if you're selling any of these, especially my priority pieces. I'd love to throw some cash in your direction! ;u;


Sarah's High Alert Priority

My beloved, my one-and-only, my cruel mistress, my white whale, my desert island dress... the Suiseiseki OP from Innocent World. I've been searching for several years now, but no dice––or no money! I mourn Past Sarah who did not see the light when the Rozen Maiden collection went on clearance. If you happen to be selling this in a medium, then please don't hesitate to reach out lmao. Help me live my dreams!!

Priorities That Aren't the Suiseiseki OP


Hydrangea Dress by Melody BasKet

Magic Book in Green by Dear Celine (Medium)


Magical Etoile High Waist JSK in Black (Original 2008 Release) by Angelic Pretty

Other Things