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A cottage so big, you ask, that you need a map to navigate it? I know I know, doesn't sound like much of a cottage, but it is, I promise. It just... has a mind of its own! Grows and shrink according to its wishes and whimsy. What else can you do but just roll with it?

(Last updated on May 8th, 2024)


Landing The woods outside my house.

Homepage Main room of the cottage! Everything branches off from here.

Map You are here!

Neocities Profile Check out any updates here.

Guestbook I'll love you if you leave me a message!


About Me Take a peek all about me!

GPOY Pictures of ME (completely real and serious)

Quizzes The results of silly internet quizzes that I adore oh-so much.

Loves A spot dedicated to my loved ones!

For Josh The digital memorial I created for my friend Josh who passed away in 2021.


This is for my diaries, journals, logs, photo album... stuff like that!


Diary Spring 2024 , February 2024, December 2023, October 2023, September 2023

Photo Album A window to my world!

Travel Log Everything related to my adventures!

Bucket List A list of items on my bucket list PMDD A place for me to discuss PMDD and my experiences with it.


A spot to talk about fashion!


Outfit Log My attempt to beat outfit repeating: a log for all the outfits I wear!

Lolita The landing for all my lolita-adjacent pages.

  • Wishlist My lolita wishlist.
  • Lolita Questions A list of 100 lolita related questions from the early 2000s.
  • Main Pieces Lolita dresses and skirts that I own. Each will have dedicated pages, eventually.
  • Links & Resources Lolita related links that I find interesting!


My cottage's creative corner for my life's passions.


Tarot A nook for the art of the Tarot.

Muse Ariadne My page for the Neocities writing club Muse Ariadne.

Sewing Nook Landing page for all things sewing

Cosplay Corner My corner to geek out about cosplay!


A space dedicated to media that I enjoy. Will include writing, reviews, and shrines!


Art Museum A virtual museum curated with some of my favorite artwork.

Book Shelf Come peruse my favorite books, along with books, articles, and other forms of writing that I find useful or interesting.

Bookbug My webpage for the Neocities book club Bookbug!

Media Log Logs of the things I've read, watched, played, and listened to over the year!

Princess Guard: An Aerith Gainsborough Fanshrine A fanshrine dedicated to my favorite character of all time, Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII

Ships Watch me tend to my brainrot garden in real time!


Have a cup of tea with me!

The Mad Tea Party Join me for a spot of tea at my shrine dedicated to tea parties!


For people, places, possessions and personal effects that I like to keep close. Non-media/fandom based shrines and interests, basically.



The garden growing outside my cottage––AKA, links off my website!


External Sites A collection of links that leads to stuff I find fun or fascinating. Let's surf the net!

Neighborhood Links to my webneighbors and websites that I enjoy!

Guilds A page for the webrings, weblistings, pixel clubs, etc. that I participate in.

Resources Credits to the resources I use to build this cottage (website)!

Weblistings & Webrings

For weblistings, rings, cliques, etc. that I own and operate.

The Rainbow Fountain A weblisting for Neopets players!